Our current project is called Robot Island, a narrative-driven adventure where you play as a robotic flight attendant on a space ship.

Writing and programming by Mickey Sanchez. 3D art and art direction by Jake Jefferies. 2D art by the amazing Sandra Lanz. Sound/music help from the forever cool Brendan McCracken. Follow us on twitter or sign up for our mailing list to stay tuned!

New Beings is a video game "studio" started by Mickey Sanchez and Jake Jefferies. We released our first game, Infinite Orbit, in early 2015.

We're currently working on a game called with Sandra Lanz and Brendan McCracken.

Twitter: @newbeings
Stuff we've released: itch page

contact at newbeings dot com

In progress. Our next game for iOS.

In progress. A game for PC, Mac, and consoles.